One-Tabbed Browser with URL Navigation in WPF Application Using CefSharp

Published on July 21, 2017

If we need to create a one-tabbed browser application with navigation ability, we should create a WPF Window with a browser element and Control elements, and then add some C# handlers for these elements.

As in the previous tutorial, we’ll need to reference CefSharp NuGet package from the NuGet gallery.

And now we’ll create a simple browser window with navigation.

Markup of the MainWindow.xaml:

The C# source code of the MainWindow:

As you can see, the explicit actions with the Browser are very simple and self-describing. We only need to check that action is available and perform it. This sample contains Back, Forward, and Navigation actions. The AddressBox contains the navigated URL.

The resulting window will look as follows:


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