Bundler Issues

Bundler Issues

So! You’re having problems with Bundler. This file is here to help. If you’re running into an error, try reading the rest of this file for help. If you can’t figure out how to solve your problem, there are also instructions on how to report a bug.


Instructions for common Bundler uses can be found on the Bundler documentation site.

Detailed information about each Bundler command, including help with common problems, can be found in the Bundler man pages or Bundler Command Line Reference.


Permission denied when installing bundler

Certain operating systems such as MacOS and Ubuntu have versions of Ruby that require evelated privileges to install gems.

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::FilePermissionError)
  You don't have write permissions for the /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.0.0 directory.

There are multiple ways to solve this issue. You can install bundler with elevated privilges using sudo or su.

sudo gem install bundler

If you cannot elevated your privileges or do not want to globally install Bundler, you can use the --user-install option.

gem install bundler --user-install

This will install Bundler into your home directory. Note that you will need to append ~/.gem/ruby/<ruby version>/bin to your $PATH variable to use bundle.

Heroku errors

Please open a ticket with Heroku if you’re having trouble deploying. They have a professional support team who can help you resolve Heroku issues far better than the Bundler team can. If the problem that you are having turns out to be a bug in Bundler itself, Heroku support can get the exact details to us.

Other problems

First, figure out exactly what it is that you’re trying to do (see XY Problem). Then, go to the Bundler documentation website and see if we have instructions on how to do that.

Second, check the compatibility list, and make sure that the version of Bundler that you are using works with the versions of Ruby and Rubygems that you are using. To see your versions:

# Bundler version
bundle -v

# Ruby version
ruby -v

# Rubygems version
gem -v

If these instructions don’t work, or you can’t find any appropriate instructions, you can try these troubleshooting steps:

# Remove user-specific gems and git repos
rm -rf ~/.bundle/ ~/.gem/bundler/ ~/.gems/cache/bundler/

# Remove system-wide git repos and git checkouts
rm -rf $GEM_HOME/bundler/ $GEM_HOME/cache/bundler/

# Remove project-specific settings
rm -rf .bundle/

# Remove project-specific cached gems and repos
rm -rf vendor/cache/

# Remove the saved resolve of the Gemfile
rm -rf Gemfile.lock

# Uninstall the rubygems-bundler and open_gem gems
rvm gemset use global # if using rvm
gem uninstall rubygems-bundler open_gem

# Try to install one more time
bundle install

Reporting unresolved problems

Hopefully the troubleshooting steps above resolved your problem. If things still aren’t working the way you expect them to, please let us know so that we can diagnose and hopefully fix the problem you’re having.

The best way to report a bug is by providing a reproduction script. See these examples:

A half working script with comments for the parts you were unable to automate is still appreciated.

If you are unable to do that, please include the following information in your report:

  • What you’re trying to accomplish
  • The command you ran
  • What you expected to happen
  • What actually happened
  • The exception backtrace(s), if any
  • Everything output by running bundle env

If your version of Bundler does not have the bundle env command, then please include:

  • Your Gemfile
  • Your Gemfile.lock
  • Your Bundler configuration settings (run bundle config)
  • What version of bundler you are using (run bundle -v)
  • What version of Ruby you are using (run ruby -v)
  • What version of Rubygems you are using (run gem -v)
  • Whether you are using RVM, and if so what version (run rvm -v)
  • Whether you have the rubygems-bundler gem, which can break gem executables (run gem list rubygems-bundler)
  • Whether you have the open_gem gem, which can cause rake activation conflicts (run gem list open_gem)

If you are using Rails 2.3, please also include:

  • Your boot.rb file
  • Your preinitializer.rb file
  • Your environment.rb file

If you have either rubygems-bundler or open_gem installed, please try removing them and then following the troubleshooting steps above before opening a new ticket.

Create a gist containing all of that information, then visit the Bundler issue tracker and create a ticket describing your problem and linking to your gist.

Thanks for reporting issues and helping make Bundler better!